Welcome to Small Gardens  – small space gardening ideas, tips and projects

In setting up this Small Gardens website at homegardeningsuccess.com my plan is to offer useful ideas and practical advice for those gardening in small spaces, gardening in pots, or those who only have a balcony garden, tiny porch or patio.

Of course if you have a larger garden, hopefully you will find it valuable too – as, after all, a larger garden can be thought of as being made up of many small garden rooms…

Why Small Gardens?

While helping people in the village where I live with their small, often tiny gardens, I became interested in finding out how to create a bigger impact from small space gardening.

Here in the UK, I think it is fair to say that most of the places people garden in are small to very small spaces. Judging by the crowds that flock to garden centres in the Spring, it is clear that we are a nation of keen gardeners. I therefore felt that there was a need for a website dealing mainly with small space gardening ideas, tips and “how to” projects.

So, if you feel frustrated with your garden, and are not happy with the way it looks, you might like to start by reading my post on 10 tips to make the most of less space in small gardens here.

If you know your garden is small, but are not sure how to go about making the most of such a small space this post will help you with the steps to take to make it appear bigger.

herb garden kit for small gardens

Herb Garden Kit

Do you wish you could grow your own veg, but are not sure how to get started with growing veg in pots?

Maybe you have thought about having a herb garden but feel you don’t have enough space?

Even if you have a small garden, or only a small space to have your containers – it does not mean you cannot garden successfully….

Whatever space you have – you can still garden in some way, shape or form – and enjoy the benefits of doing so too!

This is what this website, Small Gardens is all about – helping you to achieve a small garden that will not only be productive, but will be an achievement of which you’ll be proud.

Transform your small space garden by reading my 10 tips post, or choose a topic from the ‘Categories’ section in the side bar to the right of his page. ==>